In Ishqbaaz 19 June 2017 episode we see that Kamini comes to the Oberoi house and tells Pinky that since she is now a relative of the Oberois and she needs to keep in touch. She says that she felt real bad after listening to Shivaay and Anikas’s separation. Pinky asks her not to feel bad but company goes on and says that this is the first divorce in the Oberoi family and she thought that everyone would be sad. She asks Pinky why everything fell apart for her and Shivaay. Suddenly Shivaya comes and asks Kamini what she is doing in the Oberoi house. Kamini says that she is here to take Priyanka home with her. Janvi tries to make Priyanka stay for a little while longer but Shivaay says that he wants to know what Priyanka wants. Priyanka tells Shivaay that she wants to go with her husband Ranveer.

Shivaay goes to meet Anikas’s brother, Sahil. He wanted to give him all the essentials for a trip. When he reaches, Sahil tells him that he knew he will come to meet him before he leaves. He asks Shivaay to take care of Anika while he is gone. Anika also comes to say goodbye to Sahil but when she reaches she looks at Shivaay already talking to him. Anika remembers scolding Shivaay for buying so many things for her brother. She stands there and watches Shivaay say goodbye to him. Anika things in her heart that she broke his heart but he is still there to take care of her brother. Anika also meets Sahil and asked him to call her everyday.

When Kamini takes Priyanka home Priyanka starts to thank her for forgetting everything and moving forward. Kamini corrects her instantly and tells her that she didn’t forget anything. And from now onwards she will not be able to say thank you to her, she will just say sorry. She tells Priyanka that she made her, her daughter in law to take revenge from her. She wants her that she should not tell anything about it to Shivaay or Rudra else she has the power to ruin all of their lives.

Meanwhile Shivaay gets lost in the thought of Anika and creates a big traffic jam. An auto rickshaw driver starts to yell at him. Suddenly Shivaay starts to feel dizzy. He puts his hand on his chest and looks like he is going to faint. He sits in his car and drives away. After Shivaay leaves Anika comes and grab the collor of the auto rickshaw driver to fight with him.

Anika calls Rudra and ask him to see if Shivaay is alright. Shivaay has a heart trouble as Rudra keeps knocking at the door. Anika asks him to break in. When Rudra enters the room he finds Shivaay lying down on the floor. He quickly calls the doctor and the doctor informs the Oberoi family that his reports are fine but there is something wrong with his heart. Rudra tells the doctor that Shivaay suffered heart break and that is the reason he is suffering so much.

Anika get so worried that she keeps asking Rudra why he is not getting conscious.

She tells Rudra that Shivaay never forgets to take his medicine but why did you forget to take them today. She asks Rudra to be by your side always. When Shivaay gains consciousness, Rudra informs Anika. Before he tells Anika what Shivaay said, Anika tells him that he must have asked everyone to leave him alone.  She asks Rudra to video call him when he meets Shivaay. He manages to video call Anika and show him how Shivvay is doing. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 15 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay signs the divorce papers and asks Anika to get out of the Oberoi house)