The episode revolves around Shivaay and Anika’s contract marriage. Shivaay and Anika walk down the aisle and she covers her face with a ghungat. Both sit down at the wedding mandap and everyone ask her why did she cover her face? Tia’s (Navina Bole) mother says it is not good for bride’s face to be seen before the wedding. Anika cries and both exchange garlands. Shivaay garlands her but she falters. Shivaay holds her hand and makes her wear the garland. Soon, the two take saath pheras and even there also Shivaay grabs her hand and makes her take the pheras. Shivaay further puts mangalsutra and Anika cries. He even applies sindoor and they take blessings from the family members.

Anika touches Dadi’s feet and she feels that it is Anika and kisses her. Shivaay and Anika make Grihapravesh and Dadi tell people to bring the pooja ki thali. Anika is ready to reveal Shivaay’s real face but he threatens her saying Sahil’s life is in danger.

The audiences are just loving the new storyline of the show and Gul Khan’s hit show ‘Ishqbaaz’ is even ranking on BARC chart. In the upcoming episode Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) will blackmail Anika and keep a condition that if she wants Sahil in front of her she will have to stay. Anika is left with no choice, but to agree and she finally gets married to Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Here we have the lastest gossip of Ishqbaaz, soon after the marriage, the entire Oberoi family gets to know that Shivaay forced Anika to get married and they get shocked. Within no time Anika leaves the Oberoi mansion and goes to her home. As we all know Dadi accepts Anika but when she comes to know that she left the Oberoi mansion, she goes to her place to meet her. Shivaay also accompanies Dadi to Anika’s home and Dadi makes her understand that now marriage cannot be broken.

Dadi tries her level best to convince Anika to come back to the Oberoi mansion. Anika tells Dadi the entire truth of their marriage and even adds saying that Shivaay forcefully married her. Dadi makes her understand that marriage is big step and decision. Now they both cannot run away from the marriage, but they have to take responsibility. Shivaay makes his mind and tells her that he will soon give divorce to Anika.

Listening to this Dadi gets furious and tells them to behave like husband and wife till then. Dadi finally manages to get Anika back in Oberoi mansion, but will Shivaay and Anika get divorced? Stay tuned for more updates.