In Ishqbaaz 6 December  2017 episode we see that Rudra buys a beautiful new bike and askseveryone in the Oberoi family to get together and appreciate its beauty. While making the payment, he gives his card and asks the delivery boy to deduct 11 lacks but his card gets declined. Tej gives his card and asks the delivery boy to deduct the money but his card gets declined as well. Svetlana comes and tells Tej that his happy days have ended and nothing will now go right in his life. She says that she can’t let her precious money get wasted in bikes like these.  She asks the delivery boy to take the bike back. As and when Rudra decides to give the bike’s key back to the delivery boy, Shivaay comes and stops him from doing so. He asks the delivery boy to take 10 lakhs along with 1 lakh as a tip just like Rudra said. Tis makes fun of Tej’s situation and says that it must be really embarrassing for him that his card got declined. She says that Rudra will take care of all his and his family’s needs. She says that Shivaay should give him and everyone else a specific fund every month to maintain their expenses.

Anika talks to Shivaay and tells him that he did the right thing by buying this gift for Rudra. Shivaay tells her that his brothers means everything to him. Anika says that she is surprised that he gave his brother’s share in his business to Svetlana. There must be something which is forcing him to do so. She once again asks Shivaay to share his problems with him her but Shivaay insults her to push her away from him self.

Svetlana once again starts creating the scene and asks some women from the NGO to come to the Oberoi house. She donates them a very big amount and asks Gauri to come and meet them. She makes the women from the NGO gift a sewing machine to Gauri and tells her that this is the only career option she is left with. She says that since her father in law is now unemployed and her husband is useless, the responsibility to take care of the entire family now lies on her shoulders. She tells Gauri that since she is illiterate sewing is her best option. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 5 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tia And Svetlana Swear To Destroy The Oberois)

When Anika gets furious, dadi stops her and Svetlana says that she has slapped her once and she saw what she did to the Oberoi family. She asks her not to raise your hand ever again. Gauri tells Svetlana that millions of women in India earn money for the family by sewing so it is nothing shameful. She says that women who spend their lives on someone else’s money, don’t understand the value of independence. Tej and Pinky fight once again when Tej blames Shivaay for this situation. Dadi starts crying when she looks at her family falling apart.