Kapil Sharma vs Kamal R Khan

Guess which Khan got into a war of words on twitter, with our beloved comedian Kapil Sharma? Here is a hint, he recently featured in one of the most successful thrillers, he is known for his phenomenal acting skills and lack of common sense and of course making up phrases that give you the feels, like “2 rupees person.” Oh you guessed it right, it’s Kamaal R Khan, the huge star of the blockbuster Deshdrohi fame.

After commenting and analyzing various stars including Shahrukh Khan, this trend setting, over achieving actor has now picked on Kapil for bagging the YRF movies. We wonder why, couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that somebody is actually making a career instead of headlines and trending just on twitter.

After abusing and calling names, basically welcoming the target in a complete KRK style, he went on to say that he has received “threatening calls” from the “Underworld” for picking on Kapil. He went on to invite these guys for coffee at a lokhandwala café, I wonder what happened to him leaving India for good after NaMo’s victory.

He went ahead to finish this show on twitter with an emotional and inspiring dialogue which goes, “Dekho Bhaj Main Pahle Darata hoon, Fur Hansata Hoon, Fir Bhagata Hoon, fir Ghaseet Tha Hoon aur fin Kahi Jaakar Peet Thaa hoon. Enjoy”. Well anybody can interpret what exactly he intends, they might as well be the brilliant at puzzles.

Well we sure hope this was the end of the war of tweets and the Deshdrohi star leaves the job of comedy and parody to Kapil instead of taking things in his own hands.

PS: High on sarcasm and extremely high on love for Kapil Sharma, not suitable for KRK fans.