Just a few minutes ago, Kapil Sharma went on a spree, posting a series of abusive tweets on Twitter. From the Salman Khan – blackbuck poaching case verdict to fake news and paid media to highlight how he has been working so hard, without being appreciated or acknowledged, Kapil ranted about everything! These posts were deleted within minutes of being shared on social media but the damage couldn’t be controlled. The RTs and screenshots that fans have taken, will ensure that Kapil won’t be able to forget all the awkward and embarrassing tweets that went out from his official handle. More so, even after the comedian took to Twitter to tend an apology for the rant and confirmed that his account was hacked, fans do not believe him.

They have been sharing screenshots with him and in their reply, saying things like, “Are you now the real Kapil Sharma”, “Please don’t lie. this is a nice way of getting away from saying whatever you want”, “Let the account stay hacked for a few days, this is so much fun.” In his latest tweet, Kapil said, “Hi all please ignore the previous offensive tweets as my account was hacked . Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Love and regards to all (sic).” Incidentally, the tweet was once again deleted and replaced by another one that said, “My account was not hacked.”

You can check out his tweets below:


Whoever this is – Kapil Sharma or a hacker – is having a great time posting and re-posting tweets on Twitter. Perhaps, fans are more entertained today, than watching the comedy star’s comeback TV show Family Time With Kapil Sharma. As the evening progresses, we are sure fans will be keeping a close watch on what the comedian or his hacker has in store. Perhaps, it was just a fan who missed Kapil Sharma from Twitter so much that decided to hack it himself and post on the star’s behalf. *wink*