Kapil Sharma debuts in Bollywood, signs 3-film deal with Yash Raj Films

Stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma, a favourite of the likes of superstar Shahrukh Khan, has finally entered B-town. Kapil’s impending Bollywood debut will be in Y-Films’ new project titled Bank-Chor, directed by Bumpy.

Not only that, he will be doing two more films under the Yash Raj Films banner. In fact, YRF will now handle his talent account, just like they have done for some other stars whom they’ve taken under their wings.

The much loved humourist first became popular with stand-up comedy shows on Indian television and went on to successfully host and produce two seasons of his own show, Comedy Nights with Kapil.

So what is Kapil Sharma’s film Bank-Chor all about?

Bank-Chor is a thriller comedy about three idiots who try to rob a bank and choose a wrong day to do it when everything goes wrong. They get caught in the crossfire of cops, industrialists and corrupt politicians. Sounds familiar?

Kapil on his part has said in a statement from YRF, “It’s a privilege and a dream to be part of the YRF family and have my launch with their youth films studio, Y-Films. The script is the most exciting part since it’s the kind of role that’s very unlike the stereotype of a comedian or what people could typecast me as. As an actor it’s challenging and I’m so excited that I’ve already started working on the nuances of the character. I’ve always loved and watched thrillers and this is a thriller comedy so even better 😉 I’ve done serious theatre for years before comedy. Finally with YRF’s vision, I’ll get to do this again after a 12-year break and this script has equal scope for comedy. It’s sure to surprise my fans!”

We do hope you manage to surprise your fans, Kapil!

So, what do you think, people? Will Kapil Sharma be a successful  comedian in Bollywood?

Photo: Kapil Sharma Facebook