Seems like there’s no respite for comedian Kapil Sharma who always manages to find himself amidst controversies and troubles. Just when we were excited to see the teaser of Kapil Sharma’s upcoming show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma, hit our TV screens, reports of a complaint being filed against the actor by the Independent Students Federation for violating traffic rules. According to a report by a leading daily, President of the Federation, Keshav Kohli had alleged that Kapil had exceeded his speed limit while riding a bike on a recent visit to Amritsar.

Keshav filed a complaint at the police station against the comedian-turned-actor/director and argued that it was rather appalling to see Kapil, a native of Amritsar, to not adhere to traffic rules. The case originated after a video, featuring the comedian riding a bike whilst talking about his experience growing up in the city, went viral on the internet. And not just over speeding, the actor is also accused of not wearing a helmet, by the complainant. (ALSO READ : Family Time With Kapil Sharma First Look : The Comedian Looks Excited To Be Back)

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that a viral video has caught the attention of the traffic police. Previously, the Delhi police gave actor Mukesh Rishi a challan for riding a bike without a helmet. The actor was, at that point in time, dressed as a Raavan for Ram Leela. Moreover, who can forget the infamous case involving Dhinchak Pooja, which led her to face the wrath of the Delhi police for not wearing a helmet in her music video Pink Scooter.