Watch the comedian showcasing his flirtatious and relentlessly funny streak in this new car commercial.

We know how hilariously funny Kapil Sharma can get with his words. The popular comedian not only tickles your rib, but he also knows how to use those clever rhetoric and solid punches to create maximum impact.

Watch Kapil draw crazy parallels between a car and a girl in this commercial for Honda Mobilio. Playing a car-seller Kapil employs his clever words to flirt with a girl and to sell a car at the same time. Watch him succeed at both the endeavours with an amazing ease.

Watch Kapil go-Lekin yahaan koi compromise nahi hain, naahi looks main ya average main with an impish smile on his face to set the record straight. He punctuates the entire act with a hilarious punch-line-Kapoor ka launda, ya apna Honda?

Watch the video to know what are we talking about!