Last week, Kapil Sharma‘s new show Family Time With Kapil Sharma went on air. The comedian returned to television after a long gap. The show was one of the most anticipated ones but it wasn’t really well received by the audience. While a few people thought the concept was not new, a few fans found it boring and called it as a desperate attempt by the comedian. According to buzz, following this, Family Time With Kapil Sharma may go off air soon. (ALSO READ: Twitter Calls Family Time With Kapil Sharma A Desperate Attempt, Disappointing – Read Tweets )

As per sources, Kapil is really heartbroken with the reviews Family Time With Kapil Sharma is receiving and is depressed. Though he tried he best to present a fresh concept with the new show, it hasn’t been well received by the audience. Sources also suggest that the comedian has cancelled six schedules of the show so far. Out of these, four were cancelled last moment and the production and crew knew about it only a day in advance. The channel and the production house had to bear the brunt of this. The comedian also hasn’t been answering calls which has made matters worse. Since the comedian hasn’t been available on phone, things are getting out of hand.

Kapil was recently in news again because he cancelled the shoot of Family Time With Kapil Sharma last minute. Rani Mukerji was to appear on the said episode of the show. The actress was to begin shooting for the episode at 6 pm but the shoot was cancelled at the last minute as the comedian did not respond till 5 pm. The Hichki actress was kept waiting for hours before the shoot was finally cancelled.