Kapil Sharma‘s topsy-turvy adventures continue as the comedian has again canceled a shoot. After canceling on the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, and more, Akshay Kumar is the latest one to get stood up by the comedian. Kapil, who has been promoting his upcoming movie Firangi since the last couple of days couldn’t reach the shoot of the laughter reality show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, starring Akshay Kumar as the lead judge which was scheduled today.

The stand up comedian was all ready to tickle some funny bones along with Akshay Kumar but could not reach the shoot venue as he was feeling a bit under the weather. As per reports, Kapil was apparently was persistent to go for the shoot. However, the doctor has advised him to take it a little slow for the next couple of days. And consequently, another shoot failed to come to fruition. We now await how Akshay reacts to it. ALSO READ: Kapil Sharma Reveals All About His Next TV Show And What We Can Expect – Exclusive

Speaking of his alcohol habits earlier, Kapil told DNA, “Yes. Even after going to Bangalore, I stayed there for 15 days and they went great. They wanted me to stay there for 40 days and they wanted to control my lifestyle because I had a weakness and my food habits here were disturbed. But once I came back, I started drinking again. Again when I came back to Mumbai, to my same house, the same things started running through my mind and I again took to the bottle. Then, I realised that this isn’t the solution to it because it depresses you even further. When I keep working, I stay happy. But now, I’m busy with this film and the mixing, so now I don’t have time to do all that which is good.” Kapil’s Firangi is releasing on 24th November.