Kapil Sharma recently returned to the small screen with Family Time With Kapil Sharma, however, the show did not get the kind of feedback that the comedian was expecting. Soon there were reports that, because of this, the comedian is disturbed and has slipped into depression yet again. Last Friday, in a series of tweets, Kapil first went on a rant asking people to focus on bigger issues than targeting Salman Khan with their negativity.

Sharma’s friend Rajiev Dingra has blamed Preeti Simoes, the comedian’s ex for his depression. While talking to Mumbai Mirror, Dhingra said, “Preeti is responsible for driving Kapil into depression, she harassed me as well and tried to instigate him against me. As soon as she learnt that he was marrying his girlfriend Ginni (Chatrath), she vowed to destroy him and turn his friends against him. All the controversies in Kapil’s life happened only in the last one year after Preeti vowed to destroy him”

Rajiev Dhingra further added, “Not only is he unwell, even his mother isn’t keeping well and we are afraid he will harm himself. Preeti forced herself into the show and into his life. He is an emotional man, she is misusing his weakness. She threatened me saying Kapil and I are not from Mumbai and she will get us thrown out of the industry. Now, Kapil feels he has lost everything he earned over the years.”

Recently, Kapil’s ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes said, ” He says he is depressed, but I want to ask why? And why aren’t his friends and girlfriend Ginni Chatrath, who he ceremoniously introduced to the world, with him when he is depressed? When we were in a relationship, both personally and professionally, he was doing well. The downfall only came after we separated.”