This is a story we have heard before. A small town man comes to the big city with eyes full of dreams. He struggles for survival, looks for opportunities to showcase his talent and after many years of struggle, he manages to make it big. All it takes is one opportunity that turns him from a random nobody to the nation’s favourite funny man. Yes, there’s nothing original about Kapil Sharma‘s story. Yet, his rise to stardom is one that cannot be ignored. His weekend comedy date with the average Indian family is steady for now. There might be millions of people, who absolutely love him, but I find him to be really unfunny. But let’s just keep his lame and sexist sense of humour aside for now and talk about the incident that has become the talking point since yesterday.

So Kapil, along with the rest of the cast of The Kapil Sharma Show, was in Australia for a tour. And while returning, Kapil, who was a few drinks down, got into an argument with his fellow colleague Sunil Grover. It all started with Kapil taking a jibe at Chandan Prabhakar, according to reports. He didn’t spare Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda as he called them “per day artistes” or daily wage earners. He even threatened to end their acts on his show. As Kapil was using swear words, other passengers started complaining. This is when Sunil intervened and tried to calm him down. But Kapil verbally attacked him too after which Sunil moved to the economy class. However, Kapil followed him and hit him, as per the reports.

While Sunil has refused to comment on this, Kapil, in a very long Facebook post clarified his side of the tale. There are high chances that Sunil might leave Kapil’s hand yet again. Yes, it has happened earlier as well! How Kapil will handle this blow again is something that I am eager to see.

Coming back to this whole tamasha that has happened, there are two things that I would like to point out. “These Indians, they don’t know how to behave.” I am sure, you or your friends must have once in their lifetime overheard a firang say this. And as much as we hate to hear this, but it is because of people like Kapil, who do not have basic etiquette to behave in public places, we can’t do much about these stereotypical statements that are made on us. And it becomes worse when he/she is a celebrity. What’s more saddening is that this hasn’t happened for the first time either. There were reports in 2015 that a Marathi actress had accused a drunk Kapil of losing control at a wrap-up party of International Marathi Film Festival Awards. Love for the bottle is not wrong, but not being able to handle yourself is. ALSO READAfter Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma miffs Begum Jaan Vidya Balan with his unprofessional behaviour!

Secondly and most importantly, all the fame and adulation Kapil has earned didn’t come easy. He has fought for it and made his way through the tough world of showbiz, even when he was an outsider. So there is no nepotism involved here. But it’s not just his hard work. The same Sunil, Ali, Kiku and Chandan have spent sleepless nights too in making Kapil’s journey from being nobody to somebody a success. Mr Sharma, you are because they have been by your side, even in the most difficult times. They could have happily stayed with Colors, but they decided to walk out with you when you had a fight with the bosses. They stood by you when you were asked to leave your own show. They were with you when you decided to take on Colors and start a new show on their rival channel, Sony. And they made sure that they work so so hard to make sure that The Kapil Sharma Show is as successful as Comedy Nights With Kapil. It is because of them you still have that solid position in the industry. So you owe a major amount of your success to these “per day artists”, as you reportedly called them.

It’s good that you are immensely successful, but it’s bad that you are not able to handle the success. It is because you couldn’t manage your success why you had that much public fallout with Colors. And it will be because of your continuing inability to handle success that might just prove more fatal for you.

You are supposed to be this man, who makes people laugh and forget about their worries. Please don’t be someone else. Pretty please!