Even as fans await the release of Kapil Sharma’s second film, Firangi, they are curious to know when their comedy star will be back on the small screen. Currently, the actor is swamped with the promotional activities of this November 24 release. “It feels like I have done 50,000 interviews already,” he says sounding groggy even at 7pm. You can see that the actor is sleep deprived, with regular cups of chai and coffee giving him the strength to keep rolling.

His night is far from over. “I feel like I have three films up for release,” he says cracking a smile. But his next TV show is constantly on his mind. In fact, he is waiting to get back on the small screen. Once the the film releases, he will shift his focus back to his next TV show, he assures us. But does he have a plan in place? ‘Yes, of course,’ he says with confidence, making us curious to know more.

Patch Up Alert: Kapil Sharma To Return With Sunil Grover Once Again?

Patch Up Alert: Kapil Sharma To Return With Sunil Grover Once Again?

While Kapil Sharma in his interviews the past few weeks has confirmed that he will be returning to the small screen, in this exclusive chat with India.com, the comedy superstar reveals all that he has in store for us with his next tv show.

The announcement

Kapil says, “The whole of November will be spent in promoting Firangi. But I will sit with my team and finalise the finer details of the tv show. You can expect an announcement early next year about the show, its name and when it is going on air.”

The concept

Kapil says, “When we work on the concept, we keep very few basics in mind. What am I good at? How can I better it? Will it be fun to shoot it? Since if it is fun for us, then it will be fun for the viewers as well. Since at the basis of it all, we are also consumers of content. So if we truly enjoy doing something, we have cracked the makings of a good show.”

The celeb angle

Kapil says, “Yes, there will be a celeb angle as my previous shows. But again, it will be quirky and out of the box. If we have Amitabh Bachchan on the show, we will not ask him the cliched questions like, ‘How do you feel being such a mage star.” Isn’t it obvious that he like being what he is and is proud of his own achievements?”