Today’s episode of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, starts with a thanking message from Rishi to all the audience who was present to witness the drama of Malaika’s wedding. Malaika grabs Rishi by the collar and asks him how he dare cheat her. Rano comes forward and gives series of slaps to Malaika for insulting her and her son. In return Malaika tried to slap Rano back but Ahana comes forward and stops her. She tells Malaika that till today she was bearing with her because Rano was on her side but since her truth has come to the light, she needs to get thrown out of the house. All the members of the Bedi family get together to throw Malaika and Shekhar out of the house. Manpreet is furious and Ahana grabs Malaika by her arm to throw her out of the house. Rano is guilty that she became the reason for this chaos in Rishi ‘s life. Rishi goes over to her father Raj and thanks him for supporting him in this drama. Raj tells Rano that Rishi came to him before planning this drama. Rishi told him that he believes every word Tanuja said about Malaika. Rishi explained to Raj how he will create a fake marriage to open Rano’s eyes. Rishi consoles Rano that she did everything which she thought was best for her son. Raj asks Rano to use less of her brain and more of her emotions in judging people.

Suddenly Rishi remembers that Tanuja is not present there and he goes over to apologize to her. He knows she is hurt. Tanuja was there in Rishi’s room with her bags packed and she was ready to leave. Her eyes were sore from crying. Tanuja congratulates Rishi for his marriage to Malaika. Rishi tries to explain the situation to her but she is not ready to listen to a word he has to say. She says that he has no right to stop her from leaving this house. Rishi is adamant and doesn’t let her go. Tanuja is sad and tells Rishi that she wanted to share her life with him but his mom didn’t let her. She wanted to love him with all my heart but his mom didn’t let her. She blames him for doing everything his mom asks him to do. She says that his mother refused to accept her and he went and married Malaika to get a new daughter in law for her. She says that there is no reason for her to stay married to him anymore. Even the right to love him is snatched away from her heart. Rishi tells her that he has every right a man has over his wife.

Tanuja then asks Rishi if he married Malaika. He refuses and tells her what he planned to prove Malaika’s reality to Rano. He tells her that it was only Malaika who wanted to throw her out of the house. He even tries to explain Rano’s point of view to Tanuja. That is the reason he planned everything. Tanuja asks Rishi If tomorrow Rano will bring some other girl and ask him to marry her; he won’t take a moment to do what she asks. Tanuja still can’t trust Rishi.  Rishi tries to convince Tanuja that there is no one between them now. Tanuja says that there is silence between them, a never ending silence. A silence which he has created, his absence of love has created.  He never expressed or felt any love for her in all these years. Rishi holds Tanuja’s face in his hands and couldn’t bear the sight of his love crying. He kisses her on the forehead and that’s when she realizes that he loves her too. (Also Read: Love cupid strike Rishi and Tanuja. Finally!)

Rishi tells her the struggle he felt after Tanu left him. He was feeling guilty because Tanuja’s presence made him forget about Tanu. He was feeling guilty of cheating on his ex-wife Tanu. He tells Tanuja that he used to pick fights with her because he wanted her to go away from him. He says that he can’t even remember Tanu’s face now. It’s just her whom he loves. He says that Tanu’s memory and Tanuja’s face have become one for him over time. He feels they’re both exactly the same. Rishi confesses his deep ocean of emotions for Tanuja. He thanks her for giving life to him. She brought a new ray of hope in his life.