Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Abhishek starts getting irritated with Rishi’s behaviour and knows in his heart that Rishi will win this case because of the evidence s he has presented. He goes to talk to Rishi and start behaving arrogantly with him. He says that he has snatched away the love of his life and his daughter from him, so he will not spare him easily. She says that he will do everything in his power to take his family back with him. When Rishi leaves Tanuja tells Abhishek that she knew Rishi was planning something. She says that she knew he had something in mind when he told her that he will take Natasha with him. Tanuja goes to Rishi’s office and barged in on him in between a meeting. She starts throwing his files here and there and with tears in her eyes, she asks him why he is doing this to her. Rishi says that he is in love with her and that is why he is doing all this. Tanuja tells him that the people who are in love don’t give each other tears. He  is giving her pain and is not making her happy anymore. Rishi says that he can see it in her eyes that she is in love with him and he is  ready to bring her back in his life. He tells Tanuja that she might go away from him if she likes but she will have to come back to him because of Natasha. He says that she already knows that the case is in his favour. He tells Tanuja that he will bring his daughter to the Bedi house and then his wife will come along. He says that he is not fighting against her, he is fighting for her.

Tanuja tries to make Rishi understand the pain of losing a daughter by asking him to leave Netra and Tanya for her. She says that she will come back to him with Natasha if he will leave Netra and Tanya. Rishi gets shocked and doesn’t speak a single word. Tanuja says that he has given her the same fear which she can see in his eyes right now. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 10 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Proves That Tanuja Is Not Abhishek’s Wife And Can’t Take Care of Natasha)

When Rishi gets back home, Netra starts apologizing to him and says that she can’t bear to see hatred in his eyes. She says that she tried to tell him the truth many times but something or the other happened and she failed. Rishi says that if she wanted to tell him the truth then she would have found a way to do so. He says that if it was his mother who have made this excused then he would have believed her.  He tells Meta that she saw him crying for Tanuja and still she didn’t bother to tell him the truth.