Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that one of Abhishek’s girlfriend calls on the landline and Tanuja picks up the phone. Kanika, Abhishek’s girlfriend informs Tanuja that he is not picking up her calls. Tanuja feels that Abhishek is not living his life properly because of her problems. She decides to call his girlfriend home and asks Natasha to go for shopping. Tanuja and Natasha leave Abhishek alone at home to be with his girlfriend and live his life freely. Kanika comes home and starts flirting with Abhishek. John looks at him and gets shocked to see that Abhishek is so close to some other woman. Kanika then informs Abhishek that it was Tanuja who called her home.  Abhishek makes it very clear to Kanikaa that he is in love with Tanuja and he is not interested in any other woman.

As Tanuja and Natasha roam round in the market, they find Rishi once again. A woman comes and asks Rishi to buy a bouquet of roses. He asks the woman to give a rose to Tanuja because he knows that she will not accept it from him. He then sends a little boy to give her another rose. Then some more random people to create some magic of romance. He asks all of them to tell Tanuja that he is sorry. Tanuja feels his love but pretends to get irritated. People ask Tanuja to forgive Rishi and Rishi pleads to her once again but Tanuja leaves. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 11 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Knows That Rishi Will Take Natasha With Him)

When she gets back home, Abhishek asks her if she really went for shopping. Tanuja says that she just wanted to give him some space and that is why she decided to leave him alone with Kanika. He asks her to think of a reason why she is not getting calls from girls these days. Tanuja says that he is very busy with her problems and that is why he is not getting a chance to live his life in his own way. Abhishek tries to tell Tanuja that he is in love with her but says that he is not interested in girls anymore. Abhishek gets a call from his aunt and he tells her that he wants to get married to the love of his life. He asks her to come home to him and make sure that the girl says yes when he proposes to her. He decides to go to the Bedi house because he knows that Tanuja considers Rishi’s father as her own father. He decides to ask Raj for Tanuja’s  hand in marriage. Netra asks Abhishek to wait till the time he calls Raj. Rishi comes and asks Abhishek what he is doing in the Bedi house. Abhishek says that he comes to his house many times and that too without any reason. He expresses his gratitude towards Rishi and says that his argument in the court that day has given him many answers. He says that he is ready to adopt Natasha.