Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi and Tanuja get down from their cars in front of the court and look at each other. Their gaze get stuck on each other’s face and they both realise how unfortunate they are to love each other so much and still they have to fight over their child’s custody.

Rishi thinks in his heart that Tanuja should just give him a hint and he will make everything right. He waits for Tanuja to tell him that she doesn’t want all this but Abhishek holds Tanuja’s hand and Tanuja leaves.

When the case starts Rishi’s lawyer tells the court that this is the case of the custody of a 7 year old girl. He says that this girl has been living with his mother since 7 years and her mother denies the right of meeting Natasha to his father. He says that when Rishi meets Natasha Tanuja goes to the extent of blaming him for kidnapping. Rishi’s lawyer calls Rano Singh Bedi as a witness and she says that Rishi didn’t bring Natasha home that day, it was her who brought Natasha. He even calls biji and asks her what kind of relationship do Rishi and Natasha share. She says that even without knowing that Natasha is his daughter, Rishi shared very strong bond with her. The lawyer says that a child needs a family and the Bedis are a perfect family for bringing up Natasha. He then calls Netra in the witness box and Abhishek’s lawyer starts questioning her. He asks her is she loves Rishi. She agrees and the lawyer says that he won’t question her regarding Rishi. He asks why Tanya was asked not to meet Natasha. Netra explained the incident and Rishi got angry and lawyers presentation of the events. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 12 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi And Abhishek Gear Up For The Custody Case Of Natasha)

Rishi’s lawyer then calls Rano to the witness box for questioning. He says that Rano said that neither Rishi nor she was the one who kidnapped Natasha. He says that she was so irresponsible when she brought Natasha without informing Tanuja about it. He says that she is not the right person whose influence should be there on Natasha. Rishi then gets called to the witness box.