Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that after realizing that Rishi is having very high fever, Tanuja rushes to get some.medicines for him. He says that she is here to give him.medicine today but will not be seen anywhere around him tomorrow. They both tell each other in their hearts that they are madly in love. But they don’t say anything and leave for the hearing once again.

When the hearing begins, the lawyers begin to fight and the judge adjourned the hearing for two more days. Tanuja recalls Rishi’s words that in both the cases he will be the one who will loose. Rishi’s lawyer tells him that he got the case adjourned on purpose and he will talk about it later.

Abhishek goes back towards home with Tanuja and thinks about his feelings for her. He feels that his feelings are right, it’s just the time when he is feeling them. Abhishek’s lawyer assures him that he will win the case and it will all be in his favor.

Meanwhile in the Bedi house, Raj tells Biji that their case is very weak. He says that the lawyers proved that he is not capable of taking care of Natasha. He says that it’s natural for Rishi to be angry because he was blamed for something he didn’t do. He tells Biji that the lawyer proved Rano wrong andrejected Netra’s statement too. He says that there are negligible chances that they might win the case after two days.

Abhishek talks to his friend and tells him that he is very much in love with Tanuja. He says that no one knows about it, not even Tanuja. His friend assures him that his feelings will not come in the way of Natasha and Tanuja being together for life.

Natasha and Tanya ask Abhishek and Rishi where they went today I’m the afternoon and why they didn’t come to pick them up from school. Both Rishi and Abhishek tell them.that just like there is a school for kids, there is a school for adults too and they went there. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhishek’s Lawyer Points Fingers At Rishi’s Character For Sleeping With Netra)