Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi comes to Tanuja’s house and looks at her from the window. Rishi dreams that Tanuja comes down to meet him and tells him that the connection which they have is unbreakable. She tells him that she loves him  and Rishi asks her if she will come back to him. He also tells her that he loves her with all his heart.

His dream breaks with a knock on the door of his car and it is Samar. Rishi tells him that he is here to meet Abhishek but gets to know that Abhishek left for London very early in the morning. He says that he was here to get some papers signed by him. Samar says that Tanuja can sign the papers for him because Abhishek has left a power of attorney in her name.

Tanuja get startled with the door bell. She looks outside her window and sees Rishi’s car. She knows in her heart that it is Rishi who is ringing the doorbell. When she opens the door Samar tells her that Rishi has to get some papers signed by her. Tanuja says that she can’t sign any papers without Abhishek by her side. Rishi asks her if she doesn’t trust him. Tanuja denies and says that she will consult with Abhishek and then will give her signatures. Before leaving Rishi asks Tanuja to make a cup of tea for him. Meanwhile Rishi texts Manpreet and asks him to call Samar and engage him for a little while. Rishi finds a moment and he goes to talk to Tanuja. He tells her that he helped Netra’s hand just because she put her head on Abhishek’s shoulder. Tanuja tell Aarushi that he might have acted in front of her but her relationship with Abhishek is exactly what he saw. Rishi smashes his hand on the table and Tanuja notices the bandage on his hand.

Samar returns after talking to Manpreet and asks Rishi to come and sit in the hall. Tanuja serves tea and Rishi gets a feeling of deja vu. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: WHAT? Netra Is Not Rishi’s Wife)

Rishi puts a note in the file and he asks Tanuja to come and meet him in the garden tonight. Tanuja reads the note and starts to behave in a weird way. As they both leave Samar accidentally picks up Rishi’s file and leaves with the note which he left for Tanuja. Rishi rushes inside the house and tells Tanuja that Samar took the wrong file and he might read the note. Tanuja says that he has gone to Abhishek’s office and she will come with him to get the file back.

As they sit in the car, Rishi asks Tanuja to call Manpreet but Tanuja says that he doesn’t have his number and Rishi asks her to call from his mobile. When she asks for the password Rishi tells her that it’s her birthdate. Rishi once again asks Manpreet to call Samar and keep him busy for a little while.  (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13 July 017 Written Update of Full Episode: Tanuja And Rishi Make Each Other Jealous By Coming Closer to Abhishek And Netra)