Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Abhishek Khurana once again flirts with a girl while talking to her on the phone. Tanuja catches him red handed and reminds him that he promised it to her that he will not do such a thing ever again. He tells Tanuja that girls keep going mad for him and he can’t resist. Suddenly he gets a call from his office and he leaves.

Meanwhile in the Bedi house Rishi goes to pick his daughter Tanya from the school. Netra asks Rishi not to work while he is home. He then asks Netra to make some chutney for him and as she goes away he starts to work again. Rishi evaluates the file of Abhishek Khurana and decides to give him a call. Since Abhishek is in the shower, Tanuja picks up his phone. Rishi and Tanuja recognize each other at hello.

When Abhishek gets out, he looks at Tanuja panicking. Rishi and Tanuja didn’t talk to each other. Their voice made their brains numb and they couldn’t utter a single word. When Abhishek’s manager calls his number, he starts to yell at him. He shouts and says that he must have said something bad to his wife because she is really upset. Tanuja then tells him that he should apologize to his manager for yelling at him for no reason. It was not him who called earlier.

Tanuja and Rishi drift away in each other’s memories. They smile and they cry trying to remember those moments which they spent with each other. Tanuja wishes that she would have considered herself blessed if Rishi would have been on the other side of the phone. Suddenly she recalls that Rishi tried to force himself on Netra and cheated on her.

Rishi calls Abhishek Khurana once again and offers him to collaborate with Bedi Enterprises. He tells Abhishek that two giants can collaborate and work together instead of fighting with each other. Abhishek gives him a counter offer and tells him that he will overtake each and every company of the Bedi Industries and will appoint Rishi as their new MD. Rishi starts to laugh and tells Abhishek that he can just dream about such take overs. They both get into a corporate war and decide to trump each other with better moves.

Netra takes care of Rishi but Rishi asks her to stay away and not to pretend like she is his wife. He tells her that for the entire world she is his wife but for him Tanuja is still inside his heart. He asks Netra for some more time to forget Tanuja. Netra tells him that she has dedicated her entire life for him and is ready to wait for as long as he needs. (Also read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 16 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Abhishek Khurana tries to takeover Bedi Enterprises)