In Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 20 March 2017 episode we see that Manpreet tries to convince Rishi to come downstairs and to play Holi with the rest of the Bedi family. Rishi says that he is not the Puppet of Tanuja and will not do whatever she asks him to do. He says that he is boycotting this Holi celebration and Manpreet should join him too. Tanuja over hears this conversation and Manpreet asks her to go and convince Rishi to play Holi with the Bedi family. Tanuja knows that Rishi will not be an easy person to convince and she’ll have to manipulate him into playing Holi with her.

Manpreet khana busy at the rest of the baby family plays Holi with the guests and with each other. Tanuja goes over to Rishi and tell him that a guest at his Holi party misbehaves with her he put color on her face and tried to flirt with her. Tanuja tells Rishi that the guy who flirted with her sang a vulgar song. After hearing Tanuja’s ordeal Rishi gets angry and takes her by the hand to identify the man who tried to flirt with her. (Also Read: Tanuja fools Rishi into playing Holi with her)

Biji recalls her experience and says that in her days people used to play with lots of colors and water.

All the members of the Bedi family dance together and enjoy Holi to it’s fullest. Rishi finally comes to the party and all the guests along with his family members put colour on him.  (Also Read: Rano tries to snatch Tanuja’s property)

Tanuja puts color on him but he avoids playing Holi with Tanuja. He tries to make her feel ignor d and even puts color on Netra’s face but avoids her. Rano informs Netra that the bhaang is ready and she can now execute her plan. She plans to get Tanuja’s signatures on the property papers while she is under the affect of Bhaang. She asks Netra to and give bhang to her because she can’t go herself as it would make Tanuja doubt her.

Rishi finally plays Holi with Tanuja and makes her fall in love with him all over again. (Also Read: Rano compels  Rishi to make Tanuja fall in love with him)