Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 21 March 2017 episode will bring an important revalation for the Bedi family. Tanuja has been looking for the person who has teamed up with Purab and is betraying the trust of the entire Bedi family. Before celebrating Holi she saw the landline of the phone of the Bedi house put on hold. When she picked up the receiver, she heard Purab’s voice on the other end. Purab was saying that he will meet, whoever he was talking to, on the day of Holi when the celebrations would be going on in the Bedi house.

Tanuja had to play a trick to call Rishi to the holi celebrations because he was reluctant to come downstairs and play Holi with his family. Manpreet tried his hands first but Rishi said that he doesn’t want to look like a puppet of Tanuja and hence will not be going to the holi party.

To convince Rishi to play Holi, Tanuja went up to him and said that a guy tried to flirt with her by singing a very vulgar song. She tells him that he even put colour on her face and touched her. Rishi gets angry and decides to go and teach him a lesson. But to his surprise when he comes downstairs all the Bedi members encircle him and start putting colours on him. (Also Read: Tanuja fools Rishi into playing Holi with her)

Rishi and Tanuja share some beautiful loving moments as Rishi holds Tanuja in his arms and tells her that he is in love. Tanuja also feels that she has fallen in love with Rishi all over again.   (Also Read: Rano tries to snatch Tanuja’s property)

Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyar Ki we will see that as Tanuja and Rishi enjoy their loving moments when Tanuja finds out that Purab has joined the celebrations. The Bedi members sit under a tent and enjoy quality family time together. Tanuja looks at purab when he starts to dial a number with his phone. Tanuja knows that he will call the person who he has come to meet in the Bedi house. She keenly waits for the Bedi member who is betraying the trust of the entire family to pick up the call. Whoever picks up the call and leave the tent will be the one who is backing Purab up for snatching away the Bedi property. (Also Read: Bedi house gets colorful on Holi)