Washington, July 28: Australian singer Keith Urban‘s concert ended with about 22 concert-goers getting admitted into a hospital for alcohol-related problems. For many fans, Urban’s Saturday night show in Mansfield, Massachusetts, didn’t go as planned as they finished the evening receiving medical treatment after consuming too much alcohol, reports contactmusic.com.

Around 22 individuals were hospitalized in the town’s local medical center, which is around 25 miles south of Boston and over 40 were allegedly treated mostly for alcohol related reasons by medical staff. It was revealed that due to the high number of ill attendees, ambulances from five different nearby communities were called to the concert and local authorities took more than 50 people into protective custody as quoted in a joint statement released by Mansfield’s police and fire departments.

“In total, Fire and Emergency Medical Service attended to 46 medicals resulting in 22 transports mostly alcohol-related,” Mansfield Police Chief Ron Sellon and Fire Chief Neil Boldrighini added in the statement.
Urban has yet to comment on the incident as of yet.