Tonight’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8 exuded drama in every sense of the word as the boys team got into an argument with Rohit Shetty. As both the teams–Girls and boys competed with one another, a lot of accusations were hurled at one another. However, they continued to challenge one another with every passing task.

The first stunt was a time-bound one which required one to enter the maze and pass through the hurdles and reach for a box with two keys. Once that was done, the contestant had to open the gate and get out of the maze to turn off the switch. If you’re wondering what was the challenging aspect in it, well let us tell you that the twist was that the entire maze had current passing through it. Shocking, right? But, whoever said that the tasks at Khatron Ke Khiladi were a cake walk! While Rithvik represented the boys, Nia represented the girls team. Rithvik went in first and put up quite a show but given that he skipped one of the hurdles, he got a penalty of additional 20 seconds to his total time taken to finish the task. Nia, on the other hand, went in next and looked over confident. She thought she could beat Rithvik’s time. And given that she even had an advantage of Rithvik getting an added penalty, she felt she could do it. And boy was she right! She didn’t scream or shout or cry. She promptly completed the task, leaving all the boys confused if she even felt the electric shock while performing the task. She not only did a good job, but she also completed the entire task a minute earlier from that of Rithvik’s.

This was followed by the dramatic argument between the boys and Rohit, accusing him of partiality. The director turned host of this show was so angry that he threatened to leave the show. However, the matter was soon shoved under the carpet as Rohit showed the clips from the previous seasons and ensured them that until he is on the show, no one can indulge in cheating or partiality. After 4 tasks, combining that of yesterday’s, girls were leading with three points while boys were lagging behind with just 1 point. (ALSO READ:Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 12 August 2017 Review: Hina Khan Feels The Tie-Breaking Situation With Manveer Is UNFAIR; Nia Sharma Makes A Return On The Show)

Then came the second task, that involved the contestants to go upside down in a tub filled with water. They needed to pluck water balloons. Now wait for the twist here. The tub was not only filled with water, but also had sharks and other marine fishes. Yes, you’re right. Now doesn’t that send a chill down your spine? Representing the girl’s team, Monica Dogra went first. Given that she is a professional swimmer, everyone thought that it would be easier for her to nail the task and stay underwater for a longer time. However, contrary to everyone’s belief, she was scared from the very beginning, perhaps because of the sharks underwater. Needless to say, she aborted the task midway. Karan Wahi from the Boy’s team, who was competing against her, however, was super excited to do the task and thus picked up maximum number of balloons, that too, all in one go. Monica lost this task. The score then came to a tie–3 all. Now, came the ultimate tie breaking task, which was very interesting.

This tie-breaking task had two contestants from each team participate in it. While one had to drive, the other had to navigate and help the car get on a moving truck. But, now, once again, wait for the twist. The one driving had to be blind-folded. Nia and Lopamudra represented the girls and went first. Though they both looked quite confident at first, they couldn’t communicate well. While Nia felt Lopa was just screaming, Lopa felt that Nia wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying, and eventually they lost the round. Rithvik and Karan went from the Boy’s team and showcased an amazing team spirit. While Karan was blindfolded behind the wheels, Rithvik sat next to him, giving him instructions to navigate. The duo had the perfect rapport and could thus drive their car onto the truck in one go, thereby leading the girls to go in for the elimination round.

Now, in the elimination round, the Girl’s captain, Hina Khan had to choose two of the weakest performers from the team. She picked Geeta Phogat and Monica. The task involved them picking as many crabs as possible while being locked in a rolling box. Monica voluntarily went first, but looked quite unexcited to participate in the task. She was scared that she would hurt the crabs in the process and thus was very cautious in picking them up. In the end, she broke down and thought that she had collected very few crabs in the process of not hurting them. Next, Geeta went in, and gave a superb performance, whilst being completely freaked out by the crabs.

When the time for the final call came, it was found that Monica had collected the least number of crabs out of the two. Needless to say, she was eliminated from the show this week, while Geeta qualified for next week. What do you have to say about today’s episode and the tasks? Do you think Monica lost out because she was a weak performer or because she was just too emotional in the end and didn’t try hard enough? Whatever it is that you think, please let us know in the comments’ section below.