Karan Johar dragged to court for butt discrimination


Aseem Shrivastava

Gori Tere Pyar Main producer Karan Johar and director Punit Malhotra have landed themselves in trouble for allegedly discriminating people on the basis of the colour of their butt.

The Bombay Undergarment Makers (BUM) outfit has taken strong objection to the Tooh song in the film picturised on Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The representatives alleged that song is derogatory to dark complexioned as it clearly says Gore gore naughty naughty round round tooh.

The makes in their defence maintained that the lyrics were written keeping in mind the fair female protagonist and hence cannot be termed discriminatory.

Incidentally Kangna Ranaut who recently turned a multi-crore ad deal for a fairness cream, was first approached for the item song. But she turned it down as she also felt the song was discriminatory.

The outfit also alleged that it mentions only Punjabi toohs which was against the spirit of India where everyone is equal and so is their tooh.

The producer-director duo said the dance number was not targeted at any particular kind of butts and it reflects in reference of different kind of butts during the course of the song and people from all age groups both male and female are shown shaking their butt.

KJo and Malhotra have assured that they will ensure such direct references which are deemed discriminatory are avoided in their future ventures.

Meanwhile, the makers have been served another notice for another song in the movie Dhat Tere Ki Main for misleading the people. A petition says that the song which has lyrics like ‘Kiss my a**’ which is repeated in the song a number of times gives young kids the impression that people really need to kiss the butt.

To refrain the kids from going on a bum kissing spree the makers have decided to beep out the reference from the song.