Tonight in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise BhiDev asks all the parents to take classes of 20 students each so that they don’t suffer in their studies. Dev starts his classes at home and the parents come to check on him. They ask Dev why the children are still playing and they are not interested in studies. Daev says that things need a little time to change. He says that if he will make history a theoretical subject in learning too then it will get boring for the children. He starts to tell children the story of king Ashok in a very dramatic manner and all the children listen to him intently. He draws big figures on the board and makes children curious about theit subjects. He teaches them in a way that they don’t want the class to stop. The children tell their parents that they had the best experience and it is the most fun classroom they have attended. He asks questions from his students to prove it to their parents that they have learnt so many things in just one class.

The parents get impressed and tells Dev that his teaching skills are beyond expectation. The parents then ask Dev how to proceed with the school authorities to make them understand that they need to change their procedures too.  Sonakshi gives then an idea that they could meet the trustees. The parents agree and Dev decides to go to meet the trustees. Sonakshi offers to come along with him but he asks her to stay and says that if he will need her he will give her a call. She once again recalls the time when Dev was not present in her life and she was struggling with Suhana. She recalls that Suhana always missed Dev on all her school functions, now that DeV is participating, it is the happiest time of our life. (ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2, 11 October 2017 Written Update Full Episode: Dev Asks Parents To Support Him In Boycotting School)

Dev meets with the trustees and present his demands in written form the trustees tell them that it would take time for them to change the policies. Dev says that there are many parents who are with him on this protest and if they all will create an issue, the media would come forth and the school could be shut down all together. When Dev says that he is ready to withdraw his funding from the school, the other trustees accept his changes and say that they are ready to change their teaching policies.