In the 11 January episode of Kumkum Bhagya we see that Purab dances with a girl Tina; she thanks Purab for dancing with her and saving her from a drunkard. Purab asks the girl to help her in return by getting him arrested for molesting her. She agrees to help him. Pragya asks Abhi if he is not jealous that Tanu is dancing with someone else. Abhi says he is happy that at least Tanu is busy. Abhi tells Pragya that he can dance all night with her. Pragya tells him no one dances all night for a fan and asks who is she to him that he is willing to dance all night with her.

As planned, Tina slaps Purab and blames him for teasing her. She says he is drunk and is misbehaving with her. Abhi tries to save him by saying that Purab is very decent. The girl says that Purab was misbehaving and she calls the police. Abhi says Purab has a girlfriend and he will never do such behaviour. Tina says if Pragya was Purab’s girlfriend then why she was dancing with him. Abhi is taken aback and says they were dancing together because they had won the game. Abhi asks Purab to say something in his defence. Purab acts drunk and says he must have touched her but he does not remember. Pragya also pleads Purab to say something in his defence. Purab says he teased Tina under the influence of alcohol and anyone can do anything under the influence the alcohol. Pragya and Abhi ask the inspector to let him go otherwise his career will be spoilt. Tina asks Purab what he thinks of her and he makes lewd remarks at her in front of everyone. The police take him under custody for a night. Tanu is happy that Purab is arrested.

Tanu calls and tells Alia that police is arresting Purab for teasing a girl. Alia says Purab cannot do so as she knows him very well. Tanu says Purab has confessed his mistake. Alia asks Tanu to keep an eye on them. Alia is totally confused as to what is cooking in Purab’s mind. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya: Purab threatens Alia to expose her real face!)

Pragya says to Abhi they should go to the police station. Abhi says he has never seen Purab like this. He asks Tanu to go home with the driver and he will go to the police station with Pragya. Tanu gets angry at Abhi for caring for his friend’s girlfriend and not caring for his own girlfriend. Abhi says Purab has always helped him and he will not leave him. Tanu says she has no problem with Purab but she does not want Abhi to go with Pragya. She says to Abhi if he goes with Pragya she will think he has more feeling for Pragya than her. Abhi says he does not care what she thinks and does not want to listen to her.

Abhi and Pragya reach the police station and Abhi goes to the inspector to ask him to leave Purab. The inspector says it is a serious case and if he leaves Purab the girl may go to Mahila Ayog and it will be a problem for the police. He tells Abhi to get the bail papers in the morning and then he can take Purab with him.

Pragya goes to meet Purab. She asks Purab why he did so. She says she cannot believe Purab has done this. Purab says not to worry as everything will be fine. Pragya asks Purab if this was his plan and he did it purposely and he confesses it.