Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Aliya comes and confronts Disha about coming to her room last night. She tries to strangle Disha and starts yelling at her. Fortunately Purab comes and asks Aliya to take her hands off of his wife. Aliya says that Disha was in her room last night but Purab gives explanation to Aliya and tells her that he was with Disha all night. He says that they are newly married and he remembers it very clearly that Disha was very close to him all night. Aliya gets disturbed with the thought that Purab and Disha are living together. She goes to her room and tries to commit suicide. Coincidently Tanu comes and stops her from slitting her wrist.

Purab confronts Disha and says that now he is very sure that she didn’t go to drink water last night. He asks Disha what she was doing in Aliya’s room.  He tells her that he expects the truth from her. Disha starts to tell the truth and says that last night she and Pragya went to Aliya’s room. She says that when she went to drink water last night,  she found Pragya going towards Aliya’s room with a torch in her hands. She says that when she asked her what the matter is,  Pragya told her the truth. She tells Purab that Pragya was trying to save the Mehra family from Aliya. She says that she tried to help Pragya in getting those property papers back from Aliya’s room but they were unable to find the papers. Purab tells Disha that he will find a way to solve everything.
Meanwhile Pragya gets very restless and anxious with the thought of her family getting destroyed. She decides to call Abhi and tell him the truth. She hoped that he will come back soon and will stop everything from happening. Purab comes to meet Pragya and they all decide to find the file before Aliya starts taking action. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 10 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Pragya Fails To Find The Property Papers In Aliya’s Room)
Tanu goes to meet Aliya and asks her where she hid the property papers. She says that she was in her room last night and she knows that the papers are not hidden in her room.  Aliya tells her that she hid them so safely that they were not present in her room last night. She says that she gave them to Dev, Mitali’s husband to keep them safe. Tanu gets surprised and asks Aliya about Dev. Aliya tells Tanu that Dev is on their side since a very long time.
Everyone gets down to the breakfast table and Dev keeps the file in the living room. Pragya recognises it and Purab asks her for any idea to steal the file. Dev also keeps dreaming that he will now be able to rule the entire Mehra family and no one will give orders to him.