Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Pragya tries to divert Tanu and Aliya’s mind by telling them that there is a possibility that Pragya might come back. She scares Tanu that Pragya’s  ghost might come to haunt her. Tanu gets angry and tries to get into an argument with Pragya. Meanwhile Purab goes to the table and tries to pick up the file which Raj kept there. Suddenly Mitali comes and snatches the file away from his hands and asks him what is he looking for. He says that he is looking for his file. Mitali says that this file belongs to Raj and he can go look for his file somewhere else. Raj gets up from the dining table, picks up the file and leaves for office. Purab once again loses his chance to save the Mehra family. Aliya and Tanu go towards the registrar along with Raj.  Aliya starts reading the file and Raj tells her that he hasn’t changed any names and he is not transferring the property to his name instead of hers.  h5e says that he was thinking about doing so but later on thought that she would not let him take the property.

Meanwhile in the house Disha, Purab and Pragya get tensed with every passing moment. They think that if Aliya and Tanu will reach the registration office and will get the property registered in Aliya’s name,  then they would be left with no choice but to leave this house.  Suddenly dadi and dasi come to them and ask them what they have been hiding all along. Purab decides to tell them the truth but Pragya changes the topic and says that she was just planning a honeymoon for them. Dadi and dasi get plesently surprised with Pragya’s  plan and say that Purab and Disha should go for a honeymoon. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 11 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Pragya Be Able To Save Her Family From Aliya?)

While driving towards the registrar Tanu gets restless because they get stuck in traffic and rain. To make Tanu sit quietly, Aliya gives her the file to read. Tanu starts dreaming about her bright future as she reads the file.  Dadi and dasi call Purab, Disha and Pragya to watch the news. Constant rain disrupts live and the entire Mumbai comes to a halt. Pragya starts to get a new hope that Aliya and Tanu will not be able to register the property in their name because all the government offices have been closed.