Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Pragya, Disha and Purab try to make a plan to find the file. Purab says that the registrar will be open tomorrow and they have one more day to find the property papers.  Purab suggests that they should have an income tax raid in the Mehra house. He says that when officials from income tax department will come and search the entire house for that file, no one will stop them.

When Disha says that the Mehra family will be defamed with this income tax raid, Purab says that this raid would be a fake affair entirely. He says that he would arrange some people who would pretend to be Income Tax officials. He says that when people from income tax department will ask everyone to bring out each and every single file hidden in the house, the file which has the property papers will also come to light. After listening to Purab’s plan Pragya start smiling once again and expresses her gratitude towards Disha. She says that it was her who went to Purab and told her about the problems. He says that if she wouldn’t have been there to help her then she would have lost everything to Aliya and Tanu.

Pragya rushes towards Aliya and Tanu’s room and tells them tht people from income tax department have come to their house. Aliya and Tanu start sweating after realising that they have landed into another trouble. Pragya tells Aliya that the people from income tax department are saying that she used to handle all the affairs of Mehra business. Pragya says that the income tax officer is asking questions about her and has asked her to come downstairs. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 12 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Aliya Fails To Register Property As Rains Bring Mumbai To A Halt)

Meanwhile Purab’s friend comes and meets him. He assures him that the file will be with him by the end of the day. Purab’s friend starts his performance and tells the Mehra family that he is here to search the entire house to look for any proof. He says that the accounts of Mehra business reflect that there are some unaccounted properties which were bought. He asks for the cooperation of the entire Mehra family. Aliya starts questioning Purab’s friend and says that she wants to see his ID and the search warrant. A female police constable starts getting rude with Aliya and says that she should not obstruct government’s work. When Aliya keeps misbehaving she slaps her and tells her that she is already under scrutiny and with this behavior she would only increase her troubles.