Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Police threatens Abhi that if he will kick Pragya out of the house then he will be behind the bars. Dadi comes and convinces Abhi that he should let Munni stay in their house. Pragya feels bad that she had to go through all this drama to stay close to him. She feels that she needs to make sure that he is safe. She talks to the women from the NGO and the police and expresses her gratitude towards them.  She says that if they wouldn’t have been here then she would have been kicked out of the Mehra house. The women from the NGO say that by doing this she will get a place in the Mehra house but she will not get a place in Abhi’s  heart. Pragya says that right now she needs to make sure that whoever is trying to hurt Abhi doesn’t succeed in his motives. She says that he hates Munni, he doesn’t hate her because she is his wife. Meanwhile Abhi gets worried and talks to dadI. He says he is very angry with her for convincing him to let Munni stay in the house. Dadi tries to make him understand that right now the situation is not in their favour. She asks him to keep his cool and says that he needs to let Munni stay in the house and keep the search on for Pragya.

Pragya straight away goes to Aliya and Tanu and says that this is her best move so far. She says that she has each and everything against them and she can reveal it to the police anytime she wants. She says that she has not forgotten Chutki Chutki too but she is making sure that she stays near to them.

Abhi gets out of the Mehra house in anger.  Pragya feels sorry for him and dadi because she is making them go through all this trouble. Dadi tells Pragya that she will not let her harm any of her family members. She says that she will not be able to do anything to Abhi or to this house. She says that till the time she is alive she will not let her motives succeed.  The woman who is trying to kill Abhi keeps following him in a car. Abhi keeps on thinking about Munni and decides to return back to the house. He tells himself that he is not a coward and he needs to face this situation.

Aliya and Tanu talk to each other and Aliya says that Pragya had each and every moment where she could expose them.  She says that she has each and every proof against them but she didn’t reveal it to the Mehra family.  She says that if she were behind Abhi’s money then she would have thrown them out of the house. In their absence it would have been easy for her to get the money but she didn’t do so. Tanu suggest that she might be in love with Abhi but Aliya rejects that option too. She says that she can’t be in love with Abhi and she is definitely not in love with his money. She says that she will not sit back and relax till the time she finds out what is Munni’s motive. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 13 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Pragya Finds A Way Back In The Mehra House)

Abhi enters his room and finds out that Munni is sleeping on his bed holding his puppets. He asks her to get out of his room and snatches the dolls away. They both get close and Abhi pushes her away from him. Purab meets Pragy and tells her that he is always there to support her. He says that he has full faith in her and he will always be by her side.