Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Munni decides to leave and touches the feet of dadi and dasi. She takes the blessing of all the family members and decides to leave with a heavy heart. As she moves towards the door she looks at Abhishek. She feels that this is the last time she is looking at him. She feels sad to be going away from him. Abhishek also looks at Munni and feels that her eyes are sad and she is going somewhere. As he starts to move towards her, his car blasts and he gets injured. Munni rushes Abhishek inside and expresses her gratitude towards god that he didn’t get injured in the blast. When he gains consciousness Abhi’s father tells him that a bomb was planted in his car and someone was conspiring to kill him. Raj says that the police is speculating that there are some people who are trying to kill Abhi. Dadi and dasi decide to call Purab but Abhi stops them and says that  he is newly married and he should not be bothered. But Dadi calls Purab and he doesn’t pick up the call.

Pragya waits for Munni in the temple  and Munni gets late because of Abhi’s accident. When she reaches the temple Pragya starts to yell at her and says that she doesn’t trust her. Munni explains it to Pragya that her Chutka and Chutki are very precious for her just like Abhi and Mehra family is precious for Pragya. She says that she is doing it all to save them and she has no other intention. Pragya still suspects her and says that she can’t believe that she is not attracted to the money and property of Abhi and his wonderful family. Munni says that she is a person of integrity and she doesn’t fall in love with someone else’s husband. (ALSO READ: KumKum Bhagya 14 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Munni Decides To Leave The Mehra House)

Aliya and Tanu get worried about Abhi’s blast. Aliya suspects that it can Tanu who tried to kill Abhi. She abruptly asks Tanu if it was her plan to kill Abhi. Tanu gets insulted and starts yelling at Aliya. Munni tells Pragya that she did something last night which betrayed the trust of Abhi and the Mehra family. She says that she took Abhi’s signatures on the property papers and now Abhi’s property belongs to Aliya and Tanu.