Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Dumroo, Dushyant and the other men start to knock at Raghuveer’s door. Dushyant feels that Abhi and Pragya are hiding inside. Pragya identifies them and tells Raghuveer that they are following them to kill them once and for all. Abhi asks Raghuveer if there is any door at the back of the house for them to run away. But Raghuveer says that there is no such door. He asks Pragya to lie on the bed and suggests that Abhi should hide under the bed.

Raghuveer opens the door after a very long time. Dumroo asks him if he has seen a couple who is on the run. He tells that the boy is injured and they are finding a place to hide. Raghuveer tells them that no one has come to hide in his house. Damroo warns him that if he will find Abhi and Pragya hiding in his house, he will kill Raghuveer along with them.

Abhi and Pragya have a silly argument over who needs to lie down on the bed and who needs to hide under it. Pragya convinces Abhi that Raghuveer will tell Dushyant’s men that it is his daughter who is sleeping on the bed. As the goons enter Raghuveer’s house to search, they go to the kitchen and look at the dishes which Pragya prepared. Raghuveer justifies that it was his daughter who cooked. Damroo tastes the food and relishes it.

As Abhi hides under the bed, he tells Pragya that he is afraid of the Cockroaches. Pragya asks him to close his eyes and think about something good. After having food, Damroo starts to move upstairs to look for Abhi and Pragya. Raghuveer tries to stop him and says that his daughter is sleeping  upstairs. Damroo still goes to her room but before he could enter Raghuveer warns him that his daughter has TB and it is very contagious. Damroo gets scared but Dushyant still asks him to go and have a look at the face of his daughter. His men look under the bed as Abhi hides under a blanket.

Will Dushyant find Abhi and Pragya hiding in Raghuveer’s  house? (Also Read: KumKum Bhagya 16 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Raghuveer convinces Abhi and Pragya to get married)