Problems for Kumkum Bhagya‘s Pragya just show no signs of end. Every time she tries to unite with her husband Abhi, some problems crop up and the two become separated from each other. This time again, when the viewers were expecting Abhigya’s reunion in Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi met with an accident that resulted in loss of his memory. Since the accident impacted his brain heavily, Abhi cannot remember anything that happened in his life in the last 2.5 years. The doctor has warned the family against forcing Abhi to recall any memory of his missing past as it can stress his mind and also prove fatal. Poor Pragya doesn’t exist for Abhi and has to walk out of his life. She has lost hope of meeting Abhi again since she has no clue when will Abhi remember everything or if that day will ever come or not. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya full episode preview: Is Abhi remembering his past after memory loss?)

Tanu and Alia are happy about this new twist. They don’t want Abhi remember anything as he would also remember what they did to him and Pragya and would want to punish them. Alia plans to keep Abhi away from Pragya by all means and she doesn’t mind going to any extent for the same. In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw how Abhi suffered from a stress attack after seeing one of his old picture. He finds a picture of him dressed in a sherwani and wonders when was it taken. It was Alia who kept the picture in Abhi’s access just to stop him from meeting Pragya. Abhi’s doctor has advised him to rest for few days and take stress of no kind.

Abhi suspects that his family is hiding something from him. Everyone is shocked with the question but Dadi tries to convince him that they are not hiding anything. Abhi says if they are not hiding then why was he dressed as a groom in that picture. m. he says that after seeing the picture he saw a vague image of walking towards a wedding mandap and a lot of people around him. Purab tries to dig further and asks who was him or if he recalls who was he marrying to. Dadi and Dasi stop Purab from revealing the truth to Abhi. Dadi says that he was dressed in the outfit for an ad campaign and there was no pother reason behind it. She says that his sherwani was designed by a popular designer. Dadi asks him stop him stressing his mind or his two days of leave will be extended to 4 days. Dasi also says that if he sees a picture of him with a begging bowl would that mean he turned into a beggar in last two years. Abhi laughs at him saying that he is rockstar and cannot turn into a beggar now. Dadi asks Abhi to rest and says she will send his lunch in the room. Abhi asks Purab to have lunch with him after such a long time. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya prediction: Alia to be successful in her plans; Abhi to marry Tanu!)

Pragya cannot concentrate at work and Saira notices that she is disturbed. Siara thinks Pragya is not well and asks her to leave for home. Pragya decided to go home as she is worried thinking about Abhi.  But Pragya knows that if she goes home so early then her mother would start worrying. Hence she decides to meet Purab so that she can feel little better. Purab is with Abhi playing games and he gets Pragya’s call. He excuses to recieve the call and Abhi teases him asking if its from the same girl who was with him the other day. Purab comes outside Abhi’s room to answer the call and tell Pragya that he is at Abhi’s house. Pragya is surprised to know this asks what is he doing in the Mehra house. Purab says that he is with Abhi and Pragya feels relaxed to know this. Purab then tells her what happened with Abhi and wonders who kept the picture in his room. Pragya is also happy to know that Abhi is not with Tanu as she was thinking. She then requests him to bring Abhi outside so she can see him. Puran is worried that Abhi’s condition might get worse if he sees Pragya. But Pragya convinces him saying that she wouldn’t come in front of Abhi and Purab says he will try.

Purab tries to convince Abhi to go out but Alia comes in and asks what is his plan. He tries to change the topic to divert Alia’s attention. Abhi says that he is tries for being at home and he wants to go out. Purab is happy that Abhi said just what he wanted to say. Alia refuses and says that doctor has advised him bed rest and Abhi says stop being like Dadi. So Alia then convinces and Abhi says he want to go to the coffee shop. Abhi gets ready and in the meanwhile Purab messages Pragya to inform her that they will meet her at the coffee shop. Alia stresses to come with him but Purab says he was planning to have a boy’s outing. But Abhi says that Alia can join them and Purab reluctantly agrees. He is afraid that Alia might see Pragya and decides to stop Pragya from coming over but Abhi drags him along. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2016 written update full episode: Will Abhi go on a coffee date with Tanu?)

Sarla’s mom comes to know that they don’t have some necessary ingredients to make the dinner. She decides to call Pragya and ask her to bring those stuffs while on her way back home. She realises that Pragya is is travelling and asks where is she going. Pragya lies that she is going out for some office work since there was no one else in the office to do that. Abhi, Purab and Alia have reached the cafe and Abhi finds the place familiar. Purab tells him that this is their favourite place and Abhi used to come to the cafe with Alia and Purab. Abhi then asks him to order his favourite coffee.

Purab has not got a chance to inform Pragya about Alia’s presence and now Alia is keeping an eye on him. He worried if he Alia has started to doubt him. He tries to direct Alia’s attention by saying that she made a special coffee for him the last time they came to the cafe. He requests her to make the same coffee. Alia thinks that Purab is getting attracted to her and agrees to make one. Purab notices Pragya coming inside the cafe and decided to take Alia away somehow before she notices Pragya. As they walk towards the cafe’s kitchen, Purab purposely pushes a waiter walking by due to which Alia’s coffee spills on her skirt. Purab says sorry as it was his mistake and asks Alia to clean the mess as she looks beautiful in the skirt. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya prediction: Will Pragya be successful in revealing Alia and Tanu’s real intentions to Abhi?)

Abhi is still wondering how he agreed to do an ad campaign dressed as a groom. Since he is totally agaisnt such stuffs how could he have agreed to wear those clothes. Pragay enters the cafe and notices that Abhi is lost in some thoughts while having coffee. The froth from the coffee has smeared over his lips and some people in the cafe are looking at him and laughing. She decided to inform him about his dirty face. She comes over to Abhi and tries to signal him that he has froth all over his lips. Abhi is surprised to see her and wonders what brought her here. He thinks she followed him to the cafe and screams her. Abhi scolds her and suddenly a waiter passes by and happens to push Pragya in a way that she falls directly into his arms. Just then Pragya realises that she was dreaming and Abhi is lost in his thoughts.

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