Mumbai, July 27: Claiming to be late Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna‘s live-in partner, Anita Advani has challenged the sale of his bungalow, Vardan Aashirwad.

Advani says, “I’ve challenged the will as I’ve already won the case twice earlier. They are not allowing me to have a look at the copy of will. If it’s correct, then why are they hiding it, and if it is challenged, then how can somebody sell it off? It doesn’t happen anywhere in the world.”

She adds, “I want to fight for it. It’s Kakaji’s last belonging and they want to sell it off. As per his wishes, I will make a museum there. It is like erasing every bit of his memories. Just like everybody else, even I got to know from the public notice and I am moving immediately. I had no intimation of anything like this taking place. They have no respect for judiciary.” The bungalow has reportedly been sold for Rs.90 crore.