1781779_609523852462464_347247528_oIn a cutesy overload song from 2 States based on the book written by Chetan Bhagat, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt play the lead roles. Alia Bhatt is the modern South Indian girl who doesn’t exactly wear saris all the time while Arjun Kapoor is the shy Punjabi boy who is taken aback by Alia Bhatt’s friendliness. (Watch the trailer of 2 States)

He is stuck between the urge to be friendly with Alia Bhatt but stuck with the thought of ruining his friendship if he takes a move too soon with Alia Bhatt. Arjun is the conservative guy who asks about Alia’s shorts being too short while she is clueless as to why it is an issue at all. (The first look of 2 States)

Arjun Kapoor dances around the campus as he is at a lack of words when he looks at Alia Bhatt and all he can do is dance to express his confusion whether her friendship is a good thing or a tragedy.

Here’s the college song.