1658562_1466347270247821_646520313_oAfter Main Tera Hero’s Besharmi Ki Height hit the charts and rocked the dance floor, another quintessentially David Dhawan song is here. Varun Dhawan is again wearing a shirt without any buttons fastened but a vest hides his toned abs but we don’t hear any of the ladies complaining as he dances his ass off in true classic David Dhawan style directed song.

Tera Hero Idhar Hai with an over confident ‘Palat’ which scares Ileana D’Cruz but she is perplexed and is impress with Varun Dhawan’s confidence. (Watch the trailer of Main Tera Hero)

He dances in the middle of a basketball court, on a wall and even while hanging from an artificial climbing rockface while Nargis Fahri is clearly smitten by Varun Dhawan’s antics.

Here’s the full song.