In what can be called a newer twist to Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia’s ugly spat, Ness’s friend Varun Talreja has reacted to the whole controversy. Here’s what Varun had to say about the sorry occurrence. He is one of the closest friend and is among the key witnesses mentioned by Ness Wadia.

Just thought this should also be known…..this whole Ness-Priety thing is def one of the most sad and annoying situations I have ever seen, but none the less it is a situation. Being a good friend to Ness it very disheartening to see a brother go through such bullshit ! I can imagine it must be even more annoying and painful as it’s coming from someone you loved and cared about at some point.

I would like to share this one small story which occurred to me in the first season of IPL in 2008 in Chandigarh.

 True story……

It was the first season and since I was traveling I did not make most of the matches. When I finally arrived back to India, Ness Wadia  invited me to one of Kings 11 matches in Chandigarh.

I was in the owners box with ness and Priety and few other close friends when I got a phone call. After speaking on the phone I got very badly yelled at, humiliated by Priety in front of everyone for using the phone !

To be honest if she was not Ness’s girl at the time , if u all know me you can imagine what I would have done.

The truth is I could not take the insult and called her and abused her the next day as one should to B-grade Bollywood actresses when they speak out of turn!

Ness, the gentleman that he is, called me the next day and made me apologize to Priety even though I really did not want to and I only did it for Ness.

So my question is…..if you did that to me for a phone call and if the team owner’s parents seats are given away to some B-grade by you, then why can’t U deal with the same ? Not even the same !! Knowing Ness, I am sure he must have not acted half as bad as Priety did with me for using my phone.

If I owned a team and if someone else were in my parents seats!!! I would def not be as nice as Ness was toPZ.

Anyways just think Pz’s ego is acting up way too much. She is far from poor as she claims. She is loving life in her penthouse and as being in the same friend circle she is def not poor from an angle. And the truth is she can’t handle being single and lonely and without work and it is clearly showing in her actions.

I mean I can go on and on as I have produced a film with PZ and the dirt does not stop…..but will leave that for round 2!

None the less all this being said, As a huge fan of world peace, I hope all this clears up and hope it’s just a bad memory and not reality.