Manisha Koirala was a reigning  queen of the nineties. And now, she is back and with a bang! The Dil Se actress battled with cancer recently and is now back to enthrall her with a superb performance with a movie Dear Maya which is set to hit screens soon. Imtiaz Ali’s assistant director Sunaina Bhatnagar has come up with this new film called Dear Maya which stars Koirala in the lead role. We just laid our hands on this dark, intriguing video of the actress and we are bowled over by the sheer competence of Manisha Koirala. The star looks nothing like her real self in this video.

Manisha is all set to impress us once more on screen and here’s what she thinks of her comeback vehicle she said, “Well this movie has an interesting script. This is not my second innings. I was always here… And I am around, but yes I will do one film in a year.” Manisha, who turned 46 earlier this month, believes in ageing gracefully.” Well, we agree with her. She also said that ageing gracefully comes naturally to her. At one fashion event she said, “You have to evolve with time. I feel one should age gracefully, tastefully and with acceptance… So that is really important. I feel one should evolve with the time.”


We really hope that her comeback vehicle is well received by masses. Check out her dramatic transformation and you would wish for same.