The last film that Paul Walker finished filming makes Bricks Mansion extremely important and unlike Hours, this movie seems to be a cracker. With Paul Walker back as a policeman, he is to escort an ex-criminal who is somewhat of a parkour champion to run around a walled city which has been overrun by crime lords and drug thugs with a deadline after which a bomb on unknown magnitude will consume the city.

The film is a remake of District B13, a French thriller movie, where Paul Walker has to go inside the walls of a future-in-ruins part of Detroit where he has to diffuse a neutron bomb. David Belle, who also starred in the original French film, brings extremely fast paced parkour action to the screen.

The film will be released in April 2015 and shooting was completed in July, 4 months before Paul Walker died in a car crash when the Porsche Carrera GT slammed into a lamp post and burst into flames.

This is Camille Delamarre’s directorial debut after he edited movies like Taken 2 and Transporter 3.

The trailer, fast action sequences on top of buildings, fast cars and the French connection speak volumes of the epic movie that this film can turn out to be.

Here’s the trailer.