Pharrell Williams owes success to fans

Los Angeles, May 9: Singer Pharrell Williams says that being number one on the charts had nothing to do with him. He owes his success to fans.

The “Happy” singer, whose track hit the top spot, thanked those who have supported him throughout his career and also his new album “G I R L”, reports

The 41-year-old, who graces the cover of Notion magazine this month, said: “It’s nice to be number one but that’s not my doing. You can get so much more done by giving people respect. The people did this. Everything that I own, my fans paid for.”

When asked how he measures the success of his music, the singer said: “It’s the way it feels to me and I stay loyal to that. I’m happy that the people can see that I’m staying loyal to that because they don’t have to support me, but they do.”