Poonam Pandey learns 'Sanskars' from Alok Nath on Twitter!

Not so long time ago, we all experienced the ‘Alok Nath ji’ effect on social media. Started by a simple witty tweet, the ‘Babuji’ phenomenon went viral on every social media site. With this sudden fame, Alok Nath decided to join Twitter. With ‘Babuji’ joining Twitter, to gain his ‘aashirwaad’, Poonam Pandey went traditional!

As soon as, this sexy attention seeker saw Alok Nath ji on Twitter, she changed her display Picture on the twitter. Her new display picture as her wearing a Deep neck blouse with Lehenga. Though, it doesn’t look any sober but still its better than her no-clothing-at-all-pictures.


While, we all know that Poonam Pandey loves to gain some eyeballs every now and then. She recently was in news for a sexual cheer-leading skills for the on-going FIFA world cup, where she posted her barely clothed pictures saying ‘Keep your eyes on the ball’ (sexual pun intended!)


Now, with the ‘Babuji’ entering the Twitter world, Poonam Pandey has put some clothes on!