Priyanka Chopra is doing a wonderful job of spreading awareness amongst people about the troubles faced by the kids of Jordan. Being the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, she is doing all she can do to make people contribute for this good cause. Her fans are totally proud of her for the work she is doing out there. Now, the fans are also excited for her next projects that she is taking up in Bollywood. It has been a long time that we have seen PC in Bollywood films and how her fans crave for her films. According to the reports in DNA, Priyanka Chopra’s next Bollywood film will be themed on kids and stray dogs. Interesting?

Priyanka is very much keen on producing this film that is related to stray dogs and the injustice done to them. However, it is not yet fixed whether she will act in this film or not. A source said, ” The film is about a few kids and stray dogs. On social media, we have all seen nasty videos of people attacking harmless stray dogs. PC, who has pets and is emotionally invested in animal welfare, was touched by this beautiful story. She hopes to bring a change in people’s attitude towards strays.” (ALSO READ: This Is What Katrina Kaif And Anushka Sharma Had To Say To Priyanka Chopra On Seeing Her Video From Jordan)

It is shocking to know that many of the top notch actresses from the industry rejected to work in the film. The sourec reveals, “Priyanka wants a well-known, established top actress to do five-six scenes in the film for the necessary star power. She needs a big name for that, and someone who’ll do the film out of goodwill. She was crushed when she realised that none of the prominent actresses were willing to just do five-six scenes in a film; they want a proper full-fledged movie. Priyanka has witnessed top Hollywood stars coming in and just doing few scenes in films, and expected it to be as easy here. Now, she is disappointed. PC might just end up doing the film herself.” Well, we wonder why any actress would not want to do a film like this? Anyway, which actress do you think is suitable for the film? Post the name in the comment section below.