Rana Daggubati made headlines when news about him being chosen to be the voice of Thanos in Avengers Infinity War (Telugu version) first broke. And now, the actor has revealed how was his experience to be the voice of one of the most mean villain, who even makes the super heroes dread him and what about the film and character made him say an instant yes. Rana feels that perhaps this is the post Baahubali effect. He says, “After playing BhallalaDeva, all the villain characters in the world are flocking towards me (laughs).”

On a serious note, the actor reveals that Thanos is a character that he has read about in books as a child and has seen has seen in earlier Marvel movies. And this time with Infinity War, where he is meaner, stronger and deadlier, it was exciting for him to be the voice of Thanos. He is an ardent fan of superhero flicks and shares that he makes time to watch all the releases. Be it Black Panther or Captain America Civil War or Doctor Strange.

Rana also hopes that he his fans love what he has done with the character of Thanos for the Telugu dubbed version of Avengers: Infinity War. “I was shooting in Thailand on one hand and then had to travel in one or more planes and reach Mumbai and dub for 14 hours straight to complete the dubbing for the superhero film. I hope you all like it,” Rana says.

Check out the fun and exciting making and behind the scenes of villain ‘Thanos’ aka Rana Daggubati for Avengers : Infinity War Telugu dubbed version

Rana is also feeling elated today as not one but two of his films have been honored at the 65th National Film Awards 2018. His film Ghazi won the Best Telugu film award and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion bagged the Best Action-direction, Best Special Effects and Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. In a statement, an elated Rana says, “The joy of ‘Baahubali’ has been going on for last five-six years –from the shooting process to the box office success. It has really brought in spectacle cinema in a big way in India.”

Talking about Ghazi (Ghazi Attack in Hindi), Rana said that it is a film he is very proud of and how despite facing resistance when he was trying to make the film, which had to ‘typical masala’ like love story, song dance sequence it did well at the box office in all languages. “And it has now won a National award. I did a big film and an alternate genre film and both have got their merit so it’s a great feeling,” adds Rana.