Telugu star Ram Charan is back with the much awaited rustic entertainer Rangasthalam helmed by Sukumar. Set out in the 80s, the film stars Samatha Akkineni as the village belle and the film’s leading lady. This is the first time that Ram Charan and Samantha worked together in a film and needless to say, fans were intrigued to watch them share screen space together. Many had their doubts over Ram Charan playing a partially deaf village dweller, Chitti Babu, but from the reviews doing the rounds, this seems to be his best performance till date. The film hit screens today and let’s find out what the critics have to say about it.

Rangasthalam Tweet Review : This Rustic Entertainer Is Ram Charan's Best Film, Declare Fans

Rangasthalam Tweet Review : This Rustic Entertainer Is Ram Charan's Best Film, Declare Fans

BollywoodLife : Ram Charan will be remembered for his Chitti Babu character for a long time. Rangasthalam has scenes that will stay with you for a long time, especially the bloody fight in the field and the final one between Ram Charan and the main villain. This one is a sure-shot blockbuster.

Hindustan Times : Rangasthalam keeps it to the formula and the clichéd good vs evil story. The anticipation of the final kill, that confrontation between good and evil also keeps on building throughout Rangasthalam.The fight is not easy. The oppressor has superstition, loyalty, political power and fear on his side. Villagers have been ruled by one man for 30 years and that has resulted in blind belief that the president is above everyone else.At 2 hours 50 minutes, the film is long and could have been edited better, especially the dialogue between the president and Kumar Babu seems stretched.This is the first film in which Ram Charan and Samantha have worked together, and their chemistry keeps the first half of the film lighthearted.The film really belongs to director Sukumar who manages to take up an age-old formula and make it work with his vision.

The Times Of India : ‘Rangasthalam’ genuinely takes you back to the 80s and hits you with a massive dose of nostalgia – radios and record dances galore. The film is not just set in the 80s; it also picks a story template from that era and narrates the tale in a refreshingly raw manner. However, Sukumar must be credited for fleshing out the characters well enough that they don’t seem like caricatures of a bygone era. He must also be credited for making them capable enough to be empowered should the need arise. The characters, even the ones that have minimal screen time, are etched only after careful thought. And the best out of all them is Chitti Babu.

Financial Express : But in spite of all the flaws, Ram Charan makes up for it with his brilliant performance. His stellar performance and the director’s ability to induce the flavour of the 80’s makes the film a watchable affair. The songs surely add some extra value to the film but a dragged second half with unnecessary sentimental scenes is a downer.