Why Aditya Chopra? The fans are dying to see the glimpse of your daughter Adira. Rani Mukerji who secretly got married to Aditya delivered a beautiful baby girl Adira almost two years back. One day she surprised the fans by sharing a picture of her and the fans went berserk, But since then the Mardaani actress didn’t gave a glimpse of Adira which made the fans RESTLESS.(ALSO READ: Queen Bee Rani Mukerji to get back on work mode post long maternity break!)

A day before her birthday Rani surprised her fans by going live on Facebook where she was asked mostly about Adira. Rani admitted saying that it’s because of Aditya Chopra she isn’t sharing Adira’s pictures, “You can track me through my friends and family who are there on social media. Darling, my husband is a private person. I would love to share Adira’s pics but I would like to respect by husband’s wishes. He respects his privacy and I want to respect that. Till the time he doesn’t want Adira’s pic out, I wouldn’t like to go on social media. Because if you lovely fans ever ask me for something I won’t be able to say no. I refrain from social media because I can’t say no to you guys.”

The fans were thrilled to see their favourite actress talk after a long time, she also shared the details about her upcoming film, “I was looking for a script that would challenge and excite me, and Hichki came my way. Each of us has a weakness that pulls us back. It could be a disability or any condition but if we just look at it as simply a hiccup, we can emerge as a winner. It won’t come in the way of achieving our dreams. Hichki is built on this positive premise and I decided to take it up.” Damn! We are RESTELESS to see this stellar performer ignite the screen once again. What say showbiz readers?

Watch the video of Rani interacting live with her fans right here..