Fans are eagerly waiting for Thugs Of Hindostan and here’s proof. Just yesterday, while fans awaited a health update about Amitabh Bachchan from the sets of the film in Jodhpur, a picture of him, being shared as his look from the action thriller, started doing the rounds. Just as fans were going ga-ga over the megastar’s never seen before avatar, they learnt that it isn’t Big B’s look from TOH and in fact, it is not Bachchan in that picture in the first place. It was a picture of a 68-year-old Shabuz, an Afghan refugee in Pakistan, clicked by Steve Mccurry.

And now, there is a new picture, this time touted as being Aamir Khan’s look from Thugs Of Hindostan that has caught fans’ frenzy. The picture had also come to fore in late 2017 but not many noticed the uncanny resemblance in the features of the the man posing in the picture and Aamir.


Picture of the Afghan refugee that fans though was Big B’s look from Thugs Of Hindostan


The picture that fans are speculating to be Aamir Khan’s look from TOH

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao Share A Passionate Kiss At The Airport And During Birthday Celebrations (VIDEO)

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao Share A Passionate Kiss At The Airport And During Birthday Celebrations (VIDEO)

The man in the picture looks like Aamir’s doppelganger and we don’t blame fans entirely for reaching to conclusions. But a big giveaway would be that there is no piercing on the nose, which Aamir has been otherwise sporting and is definitely a part of his look in Thugs of Hindostan. So now you know, this is not Aamir from Thugs.

But we are sure you want to know who this man is and we have all the information. If you thought that this is just one of those coincidence when his picture came out to be resembling Aamir, you need to take a look at more of his clicks. The name is Daljit Sean Singh and he is a model and actor. He also owns the company Antim Yatra, which as the name suggests, helps people arrange funeral services when someone in their family passes away. Check out his pictures below and we are sure you will take a second look to make sure it is him and not Aamir.

How cool is the coincidence to look like one of the biggest superstars of our time? But Daljit is a good looking man anyway and we are sure he makes heads turn wherever he goes. The picture viral as Aamir’s look for Thugs Of Hindostan is fake and is of Dajit. But it has definitely made us more curious and eager to see what Aamir will look like in the film. Something similar, or something that will impress and blow our minds further? We can’t wait. Can you?