Rishi Kapoor has been attracting headlines since he Tweeted cheeky jibes on the subject of India’s Champions’ Trophy Final clash with Pakistan today. The match is at the centre of all attention in India as the match takes place in the Oval, in England. Rishi Kapoor has ever been quite vocal of subjects he’s passionate about, and his comments do tend to cause a stir on the micro-blogging platform. This time around the Kapoor And Sons actor was quite confident in his team’s abilities to overcome the might of Pakistan.

When Pakistan beat England in the semi-finals, Rishi Kapoor didn’t hold back any banter and couldn’t resist his team taking on the the men in green. His tweet read ‘Congratulations Pakistan! You enter finals? Wow! Good to see you wearing our colour BLUE! Get ready to be BLUED now! We will BLUE you away!’

The actor cheekily addressed the PCB in his tweet which read: ‘PCB. Cricket team bhejna please.Earlier Hockey ya Kho Kho team bhejin thin. Kyon ki 18th June(Fathers Day) Baap khel raha tumhare saath lol!’

Rishi Kapoor’s banter wasn’t met well by everyone, in response to which he posted another tweet saying ‘Achcha choddo yaar. Tum log Jeeton aur hazaaron Baar jeeton sirf Terrorism bandh kar do yaar. Mujhe haar manzoor hai. We want peace and love’

And Mr. Kapoor also took time to acknowledge the more polite ones and balanced the scales with a tweet that read: ‘Correct. This should be the spirit. Not abusive like others. All is fair in love and Cricket. You love yours,I will love mine. Let best win!’