There are might be few who’d be wondering how come legendary tennis player Roger Federer’s win has brought Bollywood star Arbaaz Khan in limelight. First of all, we congratulate Roger Federer for winning the Wimbledon title for the eighth time. It’s was the joyous moment not just for the tennis player’s near and dear one’s but also, for each and every human on this planet. From celebs to commoners, everyone took to social media platform to wish Roger Federer. But there were some, who started trolling Arbaaz Khan, and congratulated him instead. Don’t you want to know why?

In the beginning of this year, a picture of Roger Federer and Arbaaz Khan had went viral and social media buffs labelled them as twins. We once again clear the air that the duo could be each other’s doppelgangers but definitely not twins. A picture of Roger Federer and Arbaaz had went viral stating that they are twins and the other one is called Rajesh Khan. The picture of Salim Khan with his sons went viral on WhatsApp and that is remembered by fans even today.

The message which went viral on WhatsApp then read, “Veteran film actor and screenwriter Salim Khan had 4 sons: Salman, Sohail, Arbaaz and Rajesh. (Arbaaz and Rajesh were twins) Salim wanted all of them to join the film industry. However, Rajesh refused to become an actor because of his love and passion for tennis. When thrown out of the house for not obeying his father, he moved to Switzerland and changed his name from Rajesh to Roger and pursued his career in tennis. Today he is one of the greatest players to have played the sport.” (ALSO READ: A Look Back at Roger Federer’s Eight Wimbledon Titles And Other Stats)

Roger Federer’s historic win has once again brought Arbaaz Khan in limelight. There are many who have posted Arbaaz Khan’s picture and congratulated him instead. Check it out: (ALSO READ: Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora SPOTTED at Salman Khan’s Eid party – see inside pictures)

What do you have to say? On winning the prestigious title the tennis player said, “I always believed that I could maybe come back and do it again. And if you believe, you can go really, really far in your life, and I did that. And I’m happy I kept on believing and dreaming and here I am today for the eighth. It’s fantastic.” We once again congratulate Roger Federer on winning Wimbledon title for the eighth time!