Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan acknowledges the need of the hour, the current topic of our nation is the forthcoming elections, the Lok Sabha 2014 elections. When everyone is facing the dilemma of whom to cast their vote for, he makes it simple by revelation of the faces of these candidates who have criminal ties.

There are 543 total number of MPs in Lok Sabha out of which 30% have criminal cases registered against them. And out of the 4,032 MLAs in Vidhan Sabha 31% of them have criminal cases registered against them. And these are not petty cases but heinous crimes ranging from murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping and human trafficking. The concern is that these figures seem to be increasing with every five year.

He did not just justify the crimes by giving the mere figures and charts implying the same but also made us aware of the stories of such crimes which spoke about the extent to which the common man is not getting any security rather these goons with political ties are given tight security. Being a Member of Parliament or MLA provides the cushion of getting security cover. And also there is no moral support from the society when a common person fights against these powerful crime doers who adorn themselves with a political mask.

One of the guests on the show, DN Gautam, ex-director general of Bihar, said “The rule of law is there in mere law books and not actually put to use. The rule of law is just a hope in which the country is governing. The system is being manipulated in such a way that we are nothing but helpless”. Washington based Dr. Milan Vaishnav have researched on election from 2003-2009 came to a conclusion that the chances of a criminal being elected is significantly more than a candidate without any criminal record.

A journalist Utkarsh Sinha was also part of the show that focused on the fact that if the candidate is a criminal, is a more well known face. And in any particular constituency the candidate’s caste matters more than the criminal background. People consider everyone to be corrupt, and if the candidate is representing the same caste as that of the common man, they prefer that candidate more over the others. And the common man feels proud to be associated with these powerful candidates. Even though they pretend to be the messiah and robin hoods of the society they bring nothing to the society.

When they are publicly criticized over their wrongdoings, the candidates feel that their image is getting more superior and that the fear psyche among people will help them win the elections. The concept of ‘we’ has diminished and the selfish association of ‘me’ with everything is ruining the situation even more.

Former election commissioners revealed that each candidate believes that the exaggerated amount of money they spend the more they garner votes. Money and alcohol has become part and parcel of the whole process. People stoop to such levels where in they transfer the black money through ambulance and funeral vans. They also conduct bogus marriages to do so.

Voter education is the only way to aid in giving votes to these wrong candidates. Aamir Khan said that he is not implying that only the leaders are corrupt but the society also expects bribe in return of the vote which makes the situation even worse. The leaders are the creature and we are the creator, and in no way a creature can be bigger than the creator. The basic principal to follow would be for the civil society to step forward.

Aamir urges the mass to cast their votes for the deserving leader. Amir concluded “We are selling our integrity to greed, and it is spreading like a plague. Corrupts are our heroes and we make mockery of truth and justice. Mrutyamev Jayate has become our motto. But we need to change this.”

The episode concluded with an intense song Hai Pukarta by Shankar Mahadevan.